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A Guide To Moving Insurance

Not all insurances are created equal

Hopefully, the removalist company you’ve chosen insures their own team. This is the insurance that covers your belongings if they’re damaged by negligence on part of the team, as well as any injuries sustained by the team while they’re on your property. However, insurance that covers your goods in transit or in the instance of someone causing damage who isn’t employed by the removalist company is a separate insurance that will need to be organised as a standalone purchase.

Not all removalists can offer all types of insurance

As we mentioned above, any half decent removalist should cover their staff for negligence, but that doesn’t mean they can legally sell you all kinds of insurance. The Australian Furniture Removalists Association (AFRA) is a group of removalists who adhere to high standards and guidelines and their members are the only ones who can legally offer any further insurance that will cover you and your belongings in the case of an accident or other issue during transit or that is out of their control. If your removalist is a member of AFRA and able to offer you insurance, they will tell you exactly which provider is insuring them and you throughout the move.

Insurance can be bought through a separate provider

If you’re not convinced by the insurance being offered by the removalist company, whether it be the price or the specifics within the cover, you can buy insurance from a third party provider including your normal home and contents insurance provider, if they offer it. Just be sure to tell the third party provider who exactly is your removalist so that they can advise you on the best level of cover.

You must be supplied with specific documents when purchasing insurance

Insurance isn’t insurance unless it comes with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and a Financial Services Guide (FSG) and your provider’s ability to answer any questions you have concerning the insurance of your goods while in transit. If you’re concerned at all, we recommend telephoning AFRA to ask questions and ensure your insurance is comprehensive and above board.

The further the distance, the more important the insurance

If you’re moving interstate or, if the case may be, internationally, the number of hazards increases exponentially. While it’s a personal choice whether or not you purchase insurance for a move around the corner or across town, it’s highly recommended that longer trips involve insurance.

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