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As an extra precaution, we can arrange insurance. This works to your advantage, as you’ll only have ‘one’ company to deal.

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Frequently Asked Question

We offer various types of insurance to cover your belongings during the move, including transit insurance (covers items while in transit) and full value protection, (provides coverage for the replacement value of damaged or lost items).
No, insurance is quoted separately based on your indvidual needs.
To make a claim, you should first document the damage or loss with photographs and notify our customer service as soon as possible. You will then need to complete a claims form and submit it along with any supporting documentation.
We have a dedicated aftercare team to assist with all claims.
Certain items such as jewellery, cash, documents, or extremely fragile items may not be covered by standard moving insurance. It is important to review the insurance policy for exclusions.
The value of your belongings can be determined based on the declared value, which you provide, or based on the weight of the items and a set amount per pound, depending on the insurance option you choose.
If you choose not to elect the replacement value of your belongings, then the current market rate will be applied.

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