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Frequently Asked Question

Our Rubbish Removal service can handle a wide range of items, including furniture, appliances, yard waste, construction debris, and general household rubbish.
You can schedule a rubbish removal by contacting our customer service through phone or email, or by filling out the booking form on our website.
The cost of rubbish removal depends on the volume and type of items to be removed, as well as the location and accessibility of the site. Please contact us for a customised quote.
It’s preferable if you or someone authorised by you is present during the rubbish removal to provide access and confirm the items for removal. However, we can make arrangements if you are unable to be there.
We strive to offer timely service, and we can often provide rubbish removal within a few days of your request. During busy periods, it may take longer, so booking in advance is recommended.
Yes, we are committed to environmentally responsible disposal practices. We recycle and donate items wherever possible and ensure that waste is disposed of in compliance with local regulations.
We don’t remove hazardous materials, including chemicals, asbestos, and biological waste. Please contact our customer service for a detailed list of items we cannot remove.
Yes, we can handle heavy and bulky items. Please inform us in advance if you have particularly large or heavy items so that we can ensure we have the necessary equipment and manpower.
We operate in all weather conditions. However, in cases of extreme weather, we may need to reschedule the rubbish removal service for safety reasons.
We focus on rubbish removal, and while we ensure the area is free of debris, we don’t offer a full cleaning service. However, we can recommend reputable cleaning services if needed.

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