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Anne Frank Exhibition in Australia sets a regional record

Two Men And A Truck is a major sponsor of the worldwide exhibition’s tour of Australia, which launched in Melbourne’s Jewish Holocaust Museum in February.

Our founder and brand ambassador Richard Kuipers is also a member on the exhibition’s board.

“We were not anticipating such an overwhelming response in this regional gold mining city, but the exhibition in Ballarat exceeded all expectations,” he said.

“We give our thanks and appreciation to all the volunteers at the Gold Museum who worked harder than usual to accommodate all the visitors, particularly during the school holidays.”

The next stop for the exhibition is the Portland Art Centre in Victoria on August 19, where it will be on show until September 13.

The exhibition is coordinated by the Anne Frank House and is designed primarily for 11-18 year olds.

Ronald Leopold, general director of the Anne Frank Foundation based in Amsterdam, said Anne Frank’s diary written during World War II is unfortunately still relevant for all young people throughout the world.

“It is still happening in the world that we are living in – like exclusion on the basis of ethnicity or religion, isolation, expulsion, torture, murder and yes – mass murder,” he said.

“This exhibition raises the question how we can arm ourselves against the resurgence of Nazi ideology in contemporary disguise.”

Chairman of the Anne Frank in Australia, Boyd Klap, who is based in New Zealand said the exhibition has a message for everybody.

“To me the most important message is for young people, because we are now 70 years later and we don’t want the story to be forgotten.”

Two Men And A Truck has sponsored the Anne Frank Exhibition as part of our Moving Together corporate and social responsibility program, which aims to empower ourselves and staff to act strategically for the environment and the community on three levels:

  • Within our business
  • In the local community
  • In the greater community.

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