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Brisbane Removalists

With much of our beautiful city being built on stilts, it’s no wonder that moving in Brisbane proves to be a slightly more unique experience than moving anywhere else in Australia. So seeking out a quality removalist is of utmost importance, to ensure your belongings aren’t subject to clumsy hands as they’re carried down steep staircases or, even worse, the extreme weather our fair city loves to taunt us with during the warmer months.

Moving in Brisbane

  • Avoid moving during the wet season
  • Check ahead for any known Tropical Cyclones or other extreme weather warnings
  • Alert your removalist if you’re moving in or out of a Queenslander-style home


Attention to detailA great removalist will not only visit your current house to inspect your property and give you an estimate and run down of any potential difficulties and how to overcome them, they’ll also visit your new home to make the same assessments. After all, if you’re moving a piano from a pokey top floor apartment on a busy street into a Queenslander-style home on stilts, you need someone who is trained to overcome these sorts of barriers.

Get an estimate

image While ensuring you stay on budget is important, a good estimator will do much more than that. They’ll visit your house, assess your belongings and identify any potential difficulties that a removalist will need to overcome such as narrow hallways, stairways and oversized furniture.

Check they’re AFRA-accredited

image This is incredibly important. Removalists who aren’t accredited by the Australian Furniture Removalists Association (AFRA) are not able to provide comprehensive insurance, nor are they subject to the bylaws of the regulatory body and so cannot be held accountable to the same standards if they damage your items.

Ask your friends

image People move around quite regularly now, so ask your friends, family and colleagues about their last move. Try to pry a little deeper than whether it not they liked the company they went with: try asking why they feel that way, what they would’ve done differently and anything they wish they’d discussed with their removalist in advance. If you’re looking for further information, head online for reviews on independent forums and websites.

Packing and storage

image The worst part about moving is packing right? It starts with great intentions but tends to go down the drain quite quickly when you realise just how much work is ahead of you. A quality removalist company will not only be able to supply packing materials and a checklist, they should also offer packing services to do the job for you.

Removalists should also have storage space for your items, should you be downsizing, still waiting for your new home to be finished or if you’re moving into temporary accommodation. If they’re not ready to care for your items over a longer period, you should consider looking elsewhere.