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CEO Sleepout – Catherine Kuipers

Let’s join our hands to build a better tomorrow.

The journey from human being to being human starts when we realise that life is all about lending our hands to the needy and wiping their tears. With this motivation, Richard Kuipers participated in Vinnie’s CEO sleepout campaign in 2020 and began his journey to help his fellow humans who were spending days and nights in the streets of Australia, homeless and hungry.

Richard Kuipers realised how lucky he was to have a successful business, working alongside his family, passing the business onto the next generation and having something to give back. It was important because it was a reminder that so many have so little and that whatever we can do for them, we shouldn’t hesitate.

As his daughter and the CEO of Two Men and a Truck, me Catherine Kuipers, feel privileged to get the opportunity to be a part of Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout to do all I can to help the homeless. On the 17th of June 2021, I will get a glimpse of the reality faced by hundreds and thousands of homeless people across Australia who don’t even have a roof on top of their head and the sufferings they go through every single day. We all have a home to go back to but what about our fellow humans who don’t have anywhere to go other than the streets? Scorching heat or freezing cold, they only have a hard sheet of cardboard to lie on. When we have air conditioning to cool the room, they don’t even have an umbrella to cover themselves from the pouring rain.

This can be changed if we decide to make a difference and we can do this together. $5, $50 or $500, every dollar you donate will be meaningful and help someone who needs it the most. Every single dollar you donate to me will be given to Vinnie’s and it will change many lives, helping the homeless to get food, healthcare, accommodation, counselling, education, employment and many more.

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