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Doing Your Own Packing? Preparing Furniture

Measure, Measure, and Measure Again

Before you prepare your sofa, make sure it will fit into the space in your new house. Moving large, bulky furniture is an unavoidable pain, but you’ll really have a headache if you discover your dining table is too large for your new dining area. Always measure your furniture to ensure that it will work in your new home.

What’s even more important than that, though, is making sure you will be able to get your large furniture inside. We can’t stress the importance of this enough: take great care in measuring out any narrow doorways, steep staircases, and tricky layouts to make sure your furniture can physically make it through the doorway of your new home and to the room where it belongs.

Disassembling Furniture

Taking apart tables makes them easier to move and protects their vulnerable legs. Make sure you are using the appropriate screwdriver for the job, as you don’t want to strip the screws. When moving house in the Gold Coast, you don’t want to arrive in Cairns and discover you are missing parts.

Put all of the screws from a single piece of furniture in a plastic bag and tie it off firmly, and then make sure you label the bag with a permanent marker. Another option is to use removable tape to secure the screws to the underside of the table itself. While you have that roll of tape out, secure all four table legs together in a solid bundle. For bureaus and chests, always remove the drawers before moving to lighten them up. If you decide to leave them in place, then tape them up to prevent them from crashing out mid-move.

Wrap It Up

Once your furniture is disassembled and its various parts neatly labelled, you need to wrap the delicate corners in protective padding to prevent nicks and dents. Some of the best material for this can be your own towels and heavy blankets. Secure the padding in place with several layers of plastic wrap. The plastic is easily removed with scissors at your destination, but won’t budge during the move and it will also help prevent scratches. Slide your couch cushions into large trash bags and put your mattress in a mattress bag. Moving house is messy!

If you decide to leave preparing your furniture to the professionals, give Two Men and a Truck a call. Our removalists in the Gold Coast, Western Australia, and everywhere in-between are ready to take care of all your packing, as well as providing the people and truck you need to make the move.

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