Moving Made Easy

Hate Packing Boxes? We will pack it for you!

Reinforce the bottom of the box

Ensuring your boxes are reinforced at the bottom with lots of packing tape minimises the risk that the boxes will collapse when being carried between your old and new houses. This is doubly important if you’re using second hand boxes, as they are already structurally weaker than their brand new counterparts.

Pack heaviest to lightest

This seems like common sense but you’d be surprised how often people put lighter items in the bottom of a box and then fill the top with books. In almost all cases, this will make the box more difficult to lift and often results in broken or crushed items at the bottom of the box.

Pack the gaps

When packing anything fragile, be sure to pack the gaps with dishtowels, clothes, butchers paper and bubble wrap for support. This will help ensure there is minimal movement during the move and reduces the risk of finding a box filled with broken plates at the other end.

Use small boxes for small items

Packing trinkets, jewellery and silverware into large boxes seems unnecessary, so use small tubs, shoeboxes or even resealable sandwich bags to keep these items from ending up tangled in among larger items.

Keep your boxes light

Unless you’ve got Superman as a removalist, you’ll find that most people will struggle with any box heavier than 20kg. Items like books, magazines and trinkets found on hallway tables and in bookshelves weigh far more than you think they do, so we recommend using wine boxes to keep the weight of those particular items in check. Alternatively, spread your books throughout the bottom of several boxes and top with lighter items like clothing.

Don’t overfill the box

Boxes are stacked on top of each other in the back of a removalist’s truck, so if a box isn’t sealed correctly or overstuffed, it may cause structural problems in the move if there are items sticking out of the top of boxes.

Hire a team of professional packers

Does the smell of cardboard and packing tape make you nauseous? Do you suffer ‘Oops-I-forgot-to-label-this-itis’? Can you absolutely, under no circumstances, face the idea of spending the next two weeks packing boxes for several hours after work every day? Two Men and a Truck has a team of professional, speedy and cautious packers who take care of your things as if they were their own. They also label everything clearly to ensure each box ends up exactly where it should and are able to unpack everything at the other end.

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