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How to Pack Electronic Items While Moving

Sort and Untangle All Cords

This should be done a few days before the big move. Go through your drawers and bags and sort out all cords that you need and remove the ones you don’t. Untangle the most essential ones and ensure they are packed along side their respective electronics so that when you get to the other end, you know exactly which cord belongs where.

Moving your Electronics Yourself

Laptops, desktop computer, mobile phones and iPads will probably be in high demand the moment the removalists leave, so consider moving these items in the back of your car, rather than relegating them to a bubble-wrap filled box or two. Upon arrival, place them all in the corner of a lounge room so that they can be quickly located. Of course, you may want to leave the television to the removalists… those big screens are often heavier than they look.

Invest in correct packaging

If you have the original boxes for your electronics, that’s fantastic! But let’s be honest, most of it probably went out with the recycling the week you bought it… If this is the case, ask your removalist company if they have specialised packaging for large electronics. Most decent ones will offer specialist boxes, complete with padding and anti-static protection (to inhibit any electricity being conducted from within the box), or similar level of protection using other products like thick woollen removalist blankets.

Put your phone charger in your handbag or your car

With our reliance on our mobile phones these days, coupled with many model’s shoddy battery lives, it’s important to ensure your charger is at close hand at all times. If you carry a handbag or backpack, pop it in there. Your car’s glove box is also a solid option, as you’ll likely be driving back and forth between your two houses a lot that day.

Consult the manual

Items like refrigerators and desktop computer often have specific requirements for safe moving. While your removalist company should be on top of this information, it’s always a good idea to get yourself up to date, especially if you decide to reshuffle things once the removalist team has departed for the day. These instructions are also often available online, or by calling the manufacturer, should you be like us and have thrown out your manuals years ago.

Photograph Your TV

No, not the front, but the back. Do the same for the DVD player or any other consoles (like gaming consoles). This is to avoid the frustration of wondering which coloured plug goes into which coloured hole (it’s hardly EVER yellow to yellow, etc) so that you can connect your television and devices swiftly without spending ages trying to get a perfect picture again. You could also use coloured tape to label the order in which the plugs connect into the back of your set.

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