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Melbourne Removalists

Melbourne is filled with colourful street art, interesting food fusions and endless alleyways filled with pokey coffee shops and high fashion.

Moving in Melbourne

  • Check the social calendar! Moving on Grand Final or Melbourne Cup is a nightmare
  • Prepare for wet weather and sudden changes in temperature
  • Scope out the route between your new and old homes, take note of any major tram lines
  • Check on-street parking restrictions in your new neighbourhood


You get what you pay for

image Melbournians are just as likely to buy a $4 Vietnamese pork roll as they are to drop $200 on a Three Hat degustation, but no matter where they’re spending their money, you know they’ve chosen the very best. Choosing a removalist is similar process: you want the best value for money. But that doesn’t necessarily mean going with the cheapest company. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s included in the price you’re paying – and yes, that means asking about insurance policies!

Highlight any Fragile or Special Items

image Got a piano or piece of antique artwork? How about a larger-than-average television or heavy dining table? Mentioning these early on can help your removalists plan for the day so that they pack the right equipment to move your oversized, heavy or fragile items. Getting an estimator in beforehand can also assist in this process, as they will look for potential difficulties such as narrow staircases and steep hills that can be planned for in advance.

Check they’re AFRA-accredited

image Just like you seek out a qualified and certified plumber or electrician, it’s important to ensure your removalist is accredited by the Australian Furniture Removals Association. Should something go wrong on the day, AFRA is there to act as a higher governing body to mediate between the two parties and resolve your issues. AFRA members are also able to offer a higher level of comprehensive insurance that non-AFRA members cannot match.

Packing and storage

image The worst part about moving is packing right? It starts with great intentions but tends to go down the drain quite quickly when you realise just how much work is ahead of you. A quality removalist company will not only be able to supply packing materials and a checklist, they should also offer packing services to do the job for you.

Removalists should also have storage space for your items, should you be downsizing, still waiting for your new home to be finished or if you’re moving into temporary accommodation. If they’re not ready to care for your items over a longer period, you should consider looking elsewhere.