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Moving Big Furniture Items: Should You Tackle the Heavy Lifting Yourself?


Moving a piano is never as easy as just loading it into the back of a trailer and getting it to your destination. In fact, any professional removalist will tell you that shifting a piano can present a unique range of challenges to overcome.

Many modern Australian homes aren’t built with pianos in mind. Narrow doorways and staircases can make moving a piano almost impossible with usual moving methods.

However, a specialist removalist with experience moving pianos will have seen it all before. If your piano needs to be hauled out of a window or over a balcony to get it into the truck safely, a specialist will have the necessary tools to make the task appear easy.

Pool Tables

Moving a slate-top pool table can be a logistical nightmare if you’re trying to move it with the help of a couple of mates and a trailer. If you’ve gone to the expense of buying a showpiece like a pool table, it’s worth taking the time to move it properly to avoid damage.

There’s no point trying to move a pool table in one piece. The risk of damaging the fragile slate top is just too great. Besides, there’s also the risk of scratching or denting the legs if you’re trying to get the table through a narrow doorway.

The easiest way to move a pool table is to trust the professionals. We’ll take the time to remove the felt and the cushion frame and pack these securely. Then we’ll remove and wrap each individual piece of slate. There are usually three slate pieces to pack, so they need to be protected from damage during the move.

It’s important to disassemble the support frame for the table and remove each of the legs. These pieces also need to be wrapped securely to reduce the risk of damage during transit.

While moving a pool table might seem time-consuming, it’s worth doing it right first time. Once your belongings arrive at your destination, we’ll put your pool table back together again making sure it’s level and ready for your next game.

Antique Furniture

Would you trust your valuable antique armoire or credenza in the back of your mate’s trailer during a move to a new house? Antique furniture comes in a vast range of shapes and sizes, but it’s almost always old and fragile.

It’s important to wrap antique furniture for protection and move it carefully to reduce the risk of damage. A specialist removalist will recognise the importance of your antiques and ensure they’re packed into the truck the right way so they arrive at your destination unharmed.

Fragile Collectibles

Moving fragile items is nerve-wracking. The risk of breakage is especially high, no matter how carefully you’ve wrapped each item. Whether you’re transporting statues, paintings, sculptures or vases, it’s crucial to work out the right way to move them to your new home without damage.

In some cases, you may need to wrap each item carefully, then box it or crate it individually to safeguard it while you’re moving. Speak to your removalist about the best ways to pack fragile items and they’ll be sure to pack them into the truck in such a way to keep them separated from other items

Hot Tubs & Spas

It’s surprising how many people sell their outdoor spa with the house. They seem to believe it’s too hard to move a large hot tub or spa.

What you may not realise is that a professional removalist company will happily move your hot tub for you to your new home. They already have the right tools and equipment necessary to shift your outdoor spa safely into the truck. They’ll even set up your hot tub for you at the other end so you can sit back for a relaxing soak after moving day.

Transit Insurance

Moving bulky or fragile items from one home to another is stressful enough. However, have you taken into consideration what would happen if those items were to break or get damaged during transit?

Always ask your removalist whether they offer transit insurance for your precious belongings. Those items are just too important to risk.

During your next move, take the time to speak to a professional removalist about any fragile, bulky or awkward items you want to move. You’ll be surprised at how easy moving those possessions can be.

Do you prefer to leave the moving in the hands of professionals? Contact Two Men And A Truck to see how we can help you today!

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