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Moving Does Not Have To Be Stressful

While it would probably be asking to much to eliminate stress entirely, there are definite moves you can make to ensure that stress is kept to a minimum while you make the move to a new home. Here a few tried and tested tips and suggestions that could just mean the difference between a nightmare scenario and a smooth transition to a new life.

Free packaging

With all the stuff we accumulate over the years, when it comes to packaging and putting it all into boxes, we may find we need more packaging than we thought. It’s equally surprising how much all that packaging can cost. Multiple cardboard boxes can add up to quite a hefty sum. The solution, of course, is to look for free packaging. But where? There are plenty of stores that throw away packaging boxes, usually once a week. One if your best bets is to try furniture stores. They should have plenty of big boxes that are ideal for packing your many and varied belongings. Just ask the store if you can take them. They were going to throw them out anyway. You could make quite a saving.

Pack by category

On the matter of packing, many movers find it best to pack things together according to category rather than by room. So you might put all the DVDs together, all your bathroom things and so on. It just seems easier to locate things this way. Packing things by room is less easy to track.

Don’t forget utilities

It’s one of those things we hate doing just because it can so mind-numbingly difficult to get through to the right department, but calling your utilities in advance and letting them know of your intended move can make things much smoother in the long run. By speaking to them in advance, you will ensure your new place is ready to go in terms of electricity and perhaps the Internet when you move in. No matter how much you hate calling utilities, it will make for a smoother move. In many instances, you can make the switch online.

Small stacker truck

One definite way to make shifting those numerous heavy boxes and other heavy items easier is to employ a stacker truck sometimes called a furniture dolly. Whereas trying to carry big boxes by hand would take two or three men, tripping over things as they go, a stacker truck can make light work of the task and they are surprisingly manoeuvrable. Usually one that can take a load of 150lbs or more is sufficient for a domestic move.

Shop around for the best removal company or …

Only you can decide whether hiring a removal van and doing it yourself or hiring a firm to do it is best for you. If you do hire a firm, then obviously shop around and check online discounts and student concessions. When loading your belongings into your van, ensure you fit the heavy and big boxes in last, that way the biggest stuff will be taken out first. It’s always easier to manoeuvre big heavy items before smaller boxes and small items have been placed here and there causing obstructions.

Don’t forget your tape measure

When shifting furniture from one lace to another, it’s easy to assume things will fit just as snug as they did in your previous place. This obviously is not necessarily the case. What fitted perfectly in the little alcove in your old place may not fit at all in your new place. The answer? Simply take a few measurements, then you’ll be able to plan what can go where.

Leave essentials until last

Make sure you pack everyday essentials last. Things like toiletries, underwear and clothing, essential cleaning utensils and anything else you think you may need until the last minute, all could be left to your final suitcase, then you can live out of it while everything else is safely packed away ready for the move. For a few days, be ready to effectively live out of this suitcase

Have a box identity system

You’ll need to be able to track which box has what in it. You can find all kinds of apps with facilities to print off bar-codes for this purpose. But, in all honesty, what’s wrong with just labelling the box with a felt tip pen? When you consider how many boxes you may end up with, it’s easy to see how you could lose track of what’s in what box.

A fresh start

You’ll probably be very surprised at the amount of boxes you accrue and be amazed at how much stuff you’ve amassed over the years. Moving is a good time to undergo the ultimate purge and get rid of things you no longer need or maybe never used.
Reassembling furniture

Avoid reassembling nightmare

Taking flat-pick furniture apart is particularly difficult, but putting it back together can be a nightmare. Chances are you’ve probably lost the original instruction manual, but it’s possible you could find a copy online, but don’t rely on it. Create some kind of numbering or color code system when you take your furniture apart so it can be reassemble more easily in your new place.

Last by not least…

It’s amazing how big life events that could be potentially stressful can appear significantly less stressful when you share the load with friends. A whole day might be difficult for some to commit to, but chances are most of them can manage the odd hour here and there, so make some sort of a schedule and you can spread the load. Having plenty of cake, snacks, tea and coffee on hand to make to keep your friends motivated. A word of warning though, be careful when it comes to valuable items. If a priceless family heirloom gets broken or goes missing, it could strain relations. So anything really precious, handle it yourself.

The truth is, moving is stressful, and depending on what sort of character you are, it can be very stressful. Whatever the case, by taking on board these suggestions, you can be sure your move will be less stressful. A move should be an exciting experience. It does, after all, represent moving onto a new chapter in your life.

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