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Pre-Move: Estimating How Long it Will Take to Pack

Keep reading to find out our tips on estimating how long it will take you to pack, and then jump on over to our article on choosing the right size boxes so you can get to work.

1. Size of House

This is sort of a no-brainer, but consider the size of your house. If you are packing by yourself, allow 10 to 15 hours for every 90 square metres. This might sound excessive, but keep in mind that packing is more than throwing things in boxes. It takes time to properly organise and sort your belongings, not to mention securely packaging up breakables like dishes.

Of course, you also need to consider how full each room is. If you are rather minimalist and just have a large collection of books to contend with, you will require a lot less time. But if you fully utilise all of the storage in your home—drawers, cupboards, multiple desks or bookshelves—adhere to the square metre estimate above.

2. Level of Organisation

If you are already pretty tidy, packing will go smoothly. However, we know most people inevitable end up accumulating a load of junk that needs to be sifted through. Before you can even start packing you will need to clean out the clutter. This takes as much time as the packing itself.

When packaging up your boxes, it’s important to completely fill each one. If you have to go to multiple rooms and closets to package up your linens, it will add time. Organising all of your belongings by category ahead of time will make packing up quicker and easier.

3. Amount of Valuables

If you have an extensive collection of vintage teacups, allow for more packing time. Properly wrapping each one of your valuables in bubble wrap or packing paper takes a while. This is also a step you don’t want to rush through or you’ll end up with broken goods. Assess just how many fragile items, including furniture, you will need to take care in protecting.

Our local and interstate removalists throughout Australia know how important it is to take your time on this step. If there’s anyplace in the packing process it’s worth slowing down, it’s wrapping up your valuables.

If the thought of packing is just too overwhelming, give Two Men and a Truck a call. We do it all, from junk removals to packaging to box delivery. For packaging services or removalists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast or Newcastle, give us a call.

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