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Pre-Move: Getting Your Media Collection Under Control

Where to start

This should be obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: it’s time to get rid of anything that could be considered an artefact. Translation: unless you’re still using them, it’s time to stop holding on to those VHS tapes and 8-tracks! Once you go through and sort out all superfluous albums and movies, it will be time to move on to the actual media players.

Anything that’s collecting dust, like old Nintendo consoles, should be trashed or donated. Check to make sure everything works, including that rarely used set of external speakers. When you’ve gathered up a pile of rubbish, call Two Men and a Truck to haul away your junk. Especially when it comes to discarding electronics, you must do it properly for health and environmental reasons.

Organising what’s left

Now that you’ve gone through and cleaned out your media collection, it’s time to start organising the items you’re keeping. Organise albums and films by genre, and then alphabetise by title or artist name. Invest in containers specifically intended for DVD and/or CD cases, and place them spine-up for easy identification.

If your collection is really massive, you might want to transfer all those discs to a CD binder and toss the cases. This will save you so much space not just when it comes to moving, but when you’re storing them in your new place, too.

When you move

The biggest pain when it comes to moving electronic equipment is keeping track of all those cords. To keep them organised, wind them around your hand to create a neat bundle and then secure it with a rubber band or masking tape. An alternative is to store them in individual plastic bags. Whatever you do, make sure to label each cord so you know which electronic item it belongs to when you’re unpacking.

Our interstate removalists have seen this happen too many times: people arrive across the country to their new home and realise they accidentally took a cord that belongs to their cable company a couple hundred miles away from where it belongs. Before you pack up, double check to make sure that all the media equipment you are preparing is actually yours, or you can get hit with a large fee.

We hope these tips will prevent you from getting tangled up in your media collection. As always, give Two Men and a Truck a call if you are looking for removalists in Australia or when you’re ready for us to haul away that broken record or cassette tape player!

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