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Reduce Damage to Appliances by Preparing Them Properly Before Moving Day

A 2023 survey of more than 1,600 Australian residents identified that refrigerators and washing machines as the two most popular appliances among consumers. The refrigerator segment reported annual revenues in excess of $980 million in 2023.” (Commission Factory)

Moving Your Fridge and Freezer

Moving your fridge and freezer incorrectly can cause damage to the compressor and condenser. 

Here are some things you can do to help protect them on moving day: 

  • Empty your fridge and freezer 
  • Unplug your fridge and freezer at least 24 hours before the move 
  • Remove the drawers and tubs and wash them 
  • Pack the drawers and tubs into a separate carton for the move 
  • Wipe down the shelves and doors

Moving Your TV, Computer and Other Electronics

TVs, computers and stereo equipment can become easily damaged during the move. Here are the best ways to protect them during the move:

  • Take photos or write notes about which cords go with each appliance 
  • Unplug all the cords, label them and tie them together with twine or ribbon 
  • Pack remote controls and cords into clearly labelled boxes 
  • If you’re packing a printer, remove the ink cartridges and pack them in a sealed ziplock bag to prevent any leaks 
  • If you’re packing any portable speakers, pack them upright 

Moving Your Washing Machine and Dryer

You should start preparing your washing machine and dryer a few days before the move. Packing your washing machine into the truck with water still leaking from it can damage it.

Here are some steps you’ll need to complete before packing your washing machine and dryer: 

  • Unplug the washing machine and dryer from the Power point 
  • Turn off the taps and disconnect the hoses 
  • Make sure all the hoses don’t have any water left in them 
  • Clean the inside with a dry cloth 
  • Make sure the lint filter is empty 
  • Wrap the drained hoses in a towel and place them in a separate carton 
  • Leave the lid open so any water can evaporate 
  • Tape the power cords to the back of the washing machine and dryer

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