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Save money on secure storage with
 our professional removalists

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We bring the storage container to you

We bring the container/pod storage on the back of a truck to your house

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No Third Parties

You only deal with Two Men and a Truck

Save Up To 50%

Save up to 50% in moving costs
(not paying for Double handling)


Different storage sizes and options
for your convenience


We pack your belongings

Our professional removalists carefully pack your belongings into pod/storage container
 using protective blankets to minimise damage.

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Minimise Damage

Packed by experts to minimise

Experienced Removalists

Fully accredited and insured company
 with over 20 years of removalist

Protective Materials

Free protective materials supplied


Your belongings are stored in our storage facility

Your belongings are stored in our secure storage facility. We use a one-time
 padlock with a unique pin to show it hasn’t been tampered with.

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No Double-handling

Our storage comes to you
 and only requires one
 load and upload

Great Protection

Our storage is waterproof
 and durable (lasting up to twenty


Your belongings are locked up
at our secure storage site


We transport your possessions
  back to you

We safely transport your belongings
 back to you when you’re ready for them.

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Safely Returned Goods

We return your possessions to you
 when you’re ready

Hassle Free

You can count on our professional
 removalists to safely pack and store
 your belongings, leaving you time to
 focus on more important things.

No Hidden Costs

What you see is what you pay.
 There are no hidden fees.

Interested? Get in touch, we’re here to you help!

Why Choose Storage with Two Men and a Truck

Our storage facilities are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a flexible storage solution. You can choose as few or as many spaces as you need. If at some time in the future you require more storage space, just let us know and we’ll allocate you more storage space. It’s that simple.

  • Storage facilities are located at 3 convenient locations for easy access: North Shore, Inner west and CBD
  • Undercover warehouse offers complete protection under all weather conditions
  • CCTV monitoring ensures round-the-clock security
  • Storage spaces secured with a single-use padlock bearing a unique identification number
  • Double handling eliminated, saving you up to 50% in moving costs
  • Professional packers ensure your items are safe, intact and damage-free in storage
  • Free blankets are used when loading and unloading items to prevent scratches

Frequently Asked Questions

We can pack up your possessions, store them and transport them to our secure storage facility from Monday to Saturday by prior appointment. It is recommended that you make a booking in advance to avoid any delay and inconvenience.

Many people use our storage facilities when they’re renovating or temporarily staying at another location while they prepare for the big move. Other customers engage us when they’re relocating overseas, or want to declutter their house.

You’ll get the same professional treatment from Two Men and a Truck, whether you need our storage facilities for the short or long-term.

Our storage facilities are conveniently located in the North Shore, Inner West and Sydney CBD.

Our storage facilities aren’t accessible to the wider public. If you want to access your belongings, we’ll have to bring them to you. This is why our storage services aren’t suitable for people who regularly need to access their goods.

Two Men and a Truck have over 20-years of removalist experience. We pride ourselves on taking the utmost care of your belongings. We carefully pack each item up and cover them with protective blankets to minimise the chance of damage. Once they’re in our storage facility, they are placed in water-proof and durable storage which is locked with a one-time padlock with a unique pin to avoid any tampering.

There are no third parties involved, and no double-handling of your belongings.

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