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Tips for Moving House in Summer

1. Summer safety

Moving house requires lots of physical work. Lifting, carrying and packing furnishings and boxes under the hot summer sun can increase the risk of heat stroke and sunburn.

Wear protective clothing and a hat to avoid getting burned and slather sunscreen onto any exposed areas of skin. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of water and cold drinks packed to keep everyone hydrated throughout the day.

2. Pack your essentials box with summer in mind

Moving in summer can mean getting sweaty and sticky, so it’s likely you’ll want to shower and freshen up once all your belongings are unloaded from the truck. Pack your moving essentials box with things you will need at hand throughout the day. Cool drinks or water are definite inclusions into your essentials box in summer.

You should also pack spare hats and extra sunscreen for everyone, as well as some snacks. Packing items like towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner and a change of clothes handy in your essentials box make it easy to shower without hunting through boxes for your things.

3. Sensitive Belongings

Some of your household items may be more sensitive to heat than others. When the temperature starts to soar, you may want to consider transporting electronic items in the car with you instead of packing them into the back of a sweltering removal truck. If your car is parked out in the sun while your belongings are still being loaded, think about leaving TVs, computers, laptops or tablet PCs in a cool place until it’s time to drive to your new home.

4. Take care with pets

Pets become particularly stressed during a house move, but in hot weather conditions they can become dehydrated more quickly than usual. Be sure your pets have access to fresh water throughout the day and find a cool, shady area for them while furniture is being packed into the truck.

Never leave your pets unattended in the car for any length of time during the move, especially on those really hot days. When you reach your destination check they have lots of fresh water. You should also ensure pets have somewhere safe and cool to go while your belongings are being unloaded.

If the weather forecast is predicting a heat wave on the day you’re planning to move house, think about ways to protect you, your family and your possessions during the day. Talk to your removal company about the impending weather conditions. It’s likely they’ve moved plenty of houses in scorching temperatures, so they can provide lots of helpful tips to make your move more comfortable for everyone.

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