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Tips for Your Interstate Move

Clean Out the Clutter

Regardless of how long you’ve been in your current home, you have no doubt accumulated some clutter. It’s especially important when moving long distances to cut out all that junk. It simply costs too much space, time and money to bother packing up stuff that you don’t need. Take time to really go through all of your drawers, boxes and cupboards and donate those items you no longer use or want.

For real rubbish removal, give Two Men and a Truck a call to haul away your junk. No matter how large your house is, we will take care of your rubbish. We always dispose of your junk in an environmentally responsible way, so you can breathe easy knowing your rubbish will be sorted, donated for reuse and recycled, as it should.

Not only will the process of cleaning out clutter help you cut out unneeded belongings, it will also give you a chance to inventory your stuff, which is our next tip.

Take Stock, Take Measurements

Often times with interstate moves, people find their new home online and never actually see it in person. If this is the case, you must be especially vigilant to measure all of your furniture to make sure it will fit into your new space. As experienced interstate removalists, we can tell you that we have seen more than a few people get to their home, only to realise their antique highboy doesn’t fit in their new dining room. Save yourself that stress and headache and carefully measure everything.

Don’t just consider the size of your belongings, but the amount of stuff you have, too. What kind of storage does your new home have? Settling into a new home is difficult enough without having to figure out how to get rid of half your dishes or cut down your stock of bulk toilet paper. Compare the amount of cupboard and linen closet space you will have in your new home to prevent adding chores to your already stressful interstate move.

Map It Out

Thank goodness all our mobiles have GPS on them, right? Even though it’s easy to rely on our cell phones to get around, it’s still essential to print out a paper map of your new neighbourhood and circle important places. An interstate move might put you in your new home well past dinner; make sure you know where the nearest late-night food is. What about a pharmacy? Take note of the nearest hardware or home store, too, which you no doubt will be making several trips to when unpacking.

Two Men and a Truck are the best removalists in Australia, and we would be honoured to help you with your interstate move. Give us a call today, and then start thinking about these tips and how to put them into practice.

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