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Two Men and a Truck explores Australian perspectives of Anne Frank’s story

The removals company will transport the exhibition between the museums throughout regional and metropolitan Australia.

However, the company’s founder Richard Kuipers, originally from Holland, also saw an opportunity to explore Australia’s significance in the holocaust and history of World War II.

“The life and diary of Anne Frank is not only an important part of Dutch history – it’s an important part of world history,” Richard says.

“What we often don’t realise is Australia has its own pieces of Jewish and World War II history, including stories of tragedy, survival and heroism.”

Two Men And A Truck’s media team has produced four documentary-style videos and stories that explore some of these Australian perspectives in modern history, including:

Boyd Klap introduces the Anne Frank Exhibition in Australia

Boyd Klap, the chairman of the Anne Frank Travelling Exhibition in Australia, speaks about the young author and Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank and how her diary became a symbol of World War II history and literature, inspiring millions around the world.

Holocaust survivor shares his story to prevent bullying in schools

Sydney man Jozef Vissel was orphaned during the World War II in Holland as a Jewish child. He owes his survival to the people who had the courage to care, despite putting their own lives at risk. He asks, would we do the same? He now shares his story with children, in hope to stop bullying in schools.

Aboriginal Australians tell of parallels with Jewish history

Rita Wenberg and Valerie Linow were children of the stolen generation. Their pasts as Aboriginal Australians have many parallels with Jews in recent history. We went to meet “Aunty Rita” from Albury and “Aunty Val” from Sydney. They tell of heartache, neglect and abuse – experiences that paint a picture of strength and survival.

Courage, Endurance, Mateship, Sacrifice on the Kokoda Trail

Sydney political staffer Tim James embarks on a challenging historical expedition to trek the 120km Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, and discover where and how 3000 Australians risked their lives to save their country from Japanese invasion.

Available for interviews:

Mr Boyd Klap (Chairman of the Anne Frank Exhibition in Australia)
Mr Richard Kuipers (Founder of Two Men And A Truck)
Any of the people featured in the above stories

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