Moving Made Easy

When Everything Goes Wrong on Moving Day

Use an AFRA-accredited removalist

We’ve heard more than enough horror stories about dodgy removalists to last a lifetime, and we pride ourselves on being accredited by the Australian Furniture Removalist Association. This means we are bound by certain bylaws, duties of care and that we are insured in the instance that something does go wrong. If you’re not happy, AFRA is there to protect your consumer rights and trust us, no AFRA-accredited removalist wants it to get to that point, so you can be sure you’re getting excellent service and high quality care towards your belongings when you use Two Men and a Truck..

Have a Backup Plan

If you’re expecting to sleep in your new house on the very first night, nine times out of ten this will happen. But in the instance it doesn’t, you need to be prepared with an alternative – especially if you have kids. It’s usually easy to ship the kids off to family or friend’s houses, so perhaps organise a sleep over in advance, that way they’re taken care of even if you end up having to sleep on your parent’s couch or hit up a motel for the evening.

Work around it

While not always a possibility, it’s possible to work around some disasters. For instance, if something was supposed to be completed before moving day (the retiling of your new bathroom, perhaps?) and hasn’t, that doesn’t mean you can’t still move in. Set up in any or every room you’ve got available to you and store the other items in their boxes in the living area until you can get the issue rectified.

Be prepared!

So you’re moving into a new house or apartment and… your wardrobe doesn’t fit through the front door, the back door or even a window! This happens and if it’s not able to be dismantled easily, it can cause huge issues that delay the rest of your move. If you have any furniture that is particularly large or heavy, let your removalists know well in advance so that they can organise an alternative or let you know if the move is going to be impossible – at which point, it may sadly be time to reconsider how attached you are to the piece.

Keep emergency numbers close by

Settlements can fall through at the last minute for a variety of reasons and will suddenly see lawyers involved, shutting down a half-way completed move or blocking access to the property. Ensure you have not only your real estate agent on call, but also a lawyer of your own to help you work your way through the situation without accidentally stuffing it up further by saying or doing something that skews the law in the other party’s favour.

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