Moving Made Easy

When We Hear This, We Think ‘Yeah, Right’

‘It’ll only take me a weekend to pack…’

Here’s the deal: everyone grossly underestimates the amount of time it takes to pack. Packing takes multiple professional removalists several hours. If you’re doing it on your own, give yourself a month. We recently had a client scrambling to find removalists in Canberra when he realised a week before he was supposed to move out of his current flat that he was in over his head. A Two Men and a Truck team arrived to find the client in a panic, randomly tossing items into boxes without organising, wrapping or labelling anything. Had our guys not shown up and been willing to help him out, he would almost certainly have botched the move.

‘I don’t have that much stuff…’

Yes, yes you do. You have no idea how much space your possessions take up when they are all gathered together in one place. On average, a single person living in a two bedroom home needs at least 15 boxes of varying sizes in order to make a move, and that number increases 10% each additional year you spend in your home. The same Canberra removalists mentioned above have a horror story about moving a client into a storage unit. The client was headed to Scandinavia for a study abroad program, and the storage unit she reserved for the year fit less than 50% of her belongings.

‘I’ve got a mate to help me with the heavy lifting, it’ll be fine…’

You might hit the gym daily, but there is no way to train for moving house. Lifting, manoeuvring, loading and unloading furniture and oversized items is a unique skill that takes time to properly develop. You have no idea how fatigued your lower back and hip flexers will be after loading up your heavy stuff—and that’s only half the job!

Some friends of ours learned this the hard way when they attempted to move a piano on their own. Not only were these fellas so exhausted they couldn’t get their piano up the stairs of their new flat, but they were scared because loading it up didn’t go smoothly. Bulk items require handling in a specific way to prevent damage. Thankfully, they called us, we took over the task and were able to get the instrument inside without further issues. Plus, we taught them an important lesson: call Two Men and a Truck when you’re moving house, and let us do all the heavy lifting!

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