Moving Made Easy

Your Complete Moving Guide

Most of the problems that occur during a move are the result of disorganisation, insufficient preparation, and stress. To help prepare you for the big move, we have put together a complete checklist that can help to lower the chances of anything going wrong on moving day. 

Here are some additional essential steps to take to prepare for the move:

Research and Book a Professional Removal Company

Spend some time researching and choosing a reputable removalist company. Choose companies that have good reviews or that have been personally recommended to you by people you know. 

Updating Your New Address 

You’ll need to transfer all relevant information and accounts to your new address. Contact utility companies about a month before your move so everything can be set up by moving day. When your credit card details are updated, your credit card may be blocked temporarily until you can prove your identity.  Most companies will allow you to update your details online.

Prepare Boxes

You’ll need to organise enough boxes to store your belongings for the move. Look for high-quality, eco-friendly boxes that can be resold and reused. 

At Two Men and a Truck, we provide boxes in different shapes and sizes. Our boxes are durable and eco-friendly.

Sell and Donate Your Items

Moving is a great opportunity for you to organise your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t need.  Donating or getting rid of items you no longer want or need will make packing and moving that much easier. 

Pack a Bag of Basic Essentials

Put aside a box of essentials that you will need for your first night in your new home. 

Having your phone chargers, toiletries, pyjamas and bed linen packed separately will ensure that you’re not searching through multiple boxes trying to find what you need for that first night. 

Protect Your Items and Label Your Boxes

Make sure that you securely pack all fragile items so that they don’t break during the move. 

Label all your boxes with the room they belong to and how fragile they are, so the removalists know to take extra care with them.

Final Preparations

The day before you move, clean out your fridge and freezer and defrost it and dismantle any furniture so that it’s easier to pack on moving day. 

Ask for Help

Get in touch with family and friends and ask if they can help you move. Having a few extra hands to help you lift boxes and unpack can make a big difference. If you have extra people assisting you, make sure you delegate tasks clearly so everybody knows what they’re doing. 

Organisation and planning are key to a successful move! 

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