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6 things to consider when choosing a removalist

According to the NSW Government Fair Trading website:

When you engage a business to provide a service, you have the right to expect ‘acceptable quality’. Services must be:
Provided with due care or skill (taking all necessary steps to avoid loss and damage)
Fit for any specified purpose (express or implied)
Provided in a reasonable time (when no time is set).

Take the stress out of choosing the right removalist company with our five-point checklist!

Professional Accreditation

If a removalist company is accredited, you know that its services are high-quality, that its staff has relevant experience, and that you can trust them with your belongings. 

In Australia, the relevant accreditation is AFRA (the Australian Furniture Removers Association). 

Recommendations and Reviews

Before you decide on a removalist company, it’s a good idea to do some research. Look up potential companies and read testimonials from their customers. 

Another good idea is to ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations. Word of mouth can be incredibly useful and can save you time. 

Insurance policies

Even the most professional and highly-regarded removalist companies can have accidents or things happen that are out of our control. That is why it’s important to choose a company that has comprehensive insurance policies.  You can read more about our different insurance policies here: 

Fragile and special items

Many people have that one special item that is particularly hard to move (piano, pool table, etc), not to mention the nightmare of moving fragile items like glassware and artwork. A good removalist should teach you the best ways to pack and protect these items. Nothing is too extreme to get the job done – if a window needs to be removed to get a piano out of the house, we’ll do it, no problem!

Performing estimates

A professional removalist will always go over your move with you before the big day. They will assess how much you have to move. 


A good estimator should be able to estimate the volume of your belongings and identify any potential complications, such as stairs, narrow hallways, oversized furniture, etc. 

In summary

Choosing the right removalist to help support you during your house move doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow our six-point checklist, and you won’t go far wrong!

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