Moving Made Easy

An Especially Challenging Move

Multi-Destination Move

If you are worried about your tricky multi-destination move, you can rest easy knowing we are here to help. Moving house from Perth to someplace remote, but need to drop off an antique clock and grandma’s dining table at Aunt Susie’s first? No problem. Our professional removalists in Perth (and everywhere else) know how to load and coordinate transport to get your belongings where they need to be.

Particularly with overseas and interstate moves, timing is crucial. We are experts at making sure your belongings get to where they need to be when you need them. Taking off from the Northern Territory but don’t expect to arrive in Sydney for a month? We can help. We guarantee you that however complicated your move is, we’ve successfully dealt with a similar situation before.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

We are experienced in coordinating transport by truck and sometimes even by boat or by rail, and are confident that we will find the best route to get your belongings safely and quickly to your new home. Searching timetables and poring over maps can drive anyone to the brink, especially when they are planning an interstate move. Let the professionals take care of the complicated logistics. We’ll protect both your belongings and your sanity! To put you even more at ease, we are licensed brokers for Aldridge and Street, Australia’s top removalist insurance.


People need to store their belongings for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, families have to vacate their home before their new place is ready. Two Men and a Truck can help you with storage and complete the move when the time is right. If you need to tuck just a few things away—say, the living and dining room furniture while those rooms are being painted—we can take care of that, as well. Currently, our drop-off storage bins are only available in NSW, but stay tuned. Of course, we can work with independent storage facilities in other cities.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Well, not to Two Men and a Truck, anyway. We can handle any size move, from studio apartments to huge warehouses. We even do interstate moves for one bedrooms! Our trucks go up to nine tonnes, and with dozens of brilliant professional removalists on our team, Two Men and a Truck can have your entire office building relocated in record time. Don’t take a chance and guess, give us a call today and speak with one of our managers; they can help you determine what your job will require. And, don’t forget that at Two Men and a Truck, you always get a complete quote up front.

Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, Two Men and a Truck have the knowledge and skills to take care of your challenging move. Best of all, if there is a situation we can’t help you with, we know just about everyone in this business and are happy to make referrals. We want you to have a stress-free moving experience, period.

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