Moving Made Easy

Don’t Worry, We Can Handle It

Tight Spaces

We know what you’re picturing: our removalists stomping about your small apartment or office like elephants. Not the case. Two Men and a Truck pride ourselves on caution and attention to detail. Whether you are moving house or need office removalists to pack up your tight space, we are confident in our ability to quickly and carefully pack up your belongings. Through experience, our guys have the ability to see the whole picture. When they load up the truck, they’ll consider the challenges in unloading at your new place, too.

Sometimes it’s a doorway or stairwell that causes concern. Our guys are expert at manoeuvring large boxes and items through the narrowest passageways. Don’t be worried about damage; they know which measurements to take and have years of experience in dealing with tight spaces and tricky angles. Whether they have to disassemble furniture or find an a creative entryway, our guys will get your belongings where they need to be.

Elevators, Busy Streets, and Interstate Moves, Oh My!
Moving house is always stressful, but when it’s an interstate move, it can be even more daunting. We are experienced interstate removalists and can help you navigate the tricky process of setting up a home in a new state. We know the best route and transport to use and will happily go over all of the plans with you in detail. Sometimes, that’s the hardest part — the not knowing. Two Men and a Truck will do everything we can to put you at ease.

It’s great to live in an apartment building with an elevator, but boy, can it be a pain when moving. Thankfully, when you choose Two Men and a Truck, you don’t need to worry about that. We are expert at coordinating the move with building services folks and we always respect our time window. We’ll work with building services managers to complete the move quickly and during the time planned.

This last concern might be the one we hear most often: there’s no parking on your street. Truth is, that’s an inevitability of the job. We have extensive knowledge and experience in pretty much every neighbourhood in Australia. We will take care to choose times for loading or unloading that will fall during low-traffic hours. If special permission is needed, we’ll get it. You’d be surprised at the narrow streets our trucks can use and at the tricks we know for getting everything loaded and unloaded quickly. We always do our job in a timely manner, but we’re extra aware when we’re on a busy street. That’s one of the most difficult situations that we know how to deal with — so you don’t have to.

Moving house isn’t easy, which is why you should hire professional removalists. Two Men and a Truck can handle just about anything cheerfully and efficiently.

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