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Anne Frank’s diary has become a symbol of World War II history and literature, inspiring millions around the world. More than one million people visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam each year.

The travelling exhibition, which has reached 55 countries, has been significantly developed since it was in Australia 10 years ago.

Chairman of the Anne Frank Exhibition Australia, Boyd Klap, recently held the exhibition in New Zealand, estimating that 200,000 people came to see it, including 50,000 children.

“It’s been incredibly successful. I thought it would only be there three or six months but it had four years,” he says.

Visitors can interact with features in the exhibition to learn about Anne Frank, the holocaust and World War II and see how this important history continues to shape the world today.

“I think the exhibition has a message for everybody,” Boyd said. “But to me the most important message is for young people, because we don’t want the story to be forgotten,” he says.

“Young people must know the importance of us treating each other right, of equality and human rights.”

Two Men And A Truck is sponsoring the exhibition alongside Rabobank, Randstad, Canon and the Dutch Embassy, and will also transport the exhibition between museums in Australia.

The dates and locations for the exhibition thus far are below:

Jewish Holocaust Centre-Melbourne 4 February – 28 April 2013
Gold Museum, Ballarat 6 May – 11 August 2013
Art Centre, Portland 19 August – 13 September 2013
Town Hall, Supper room, Casterton 17 September – 4 October 2013
Coal Creek Community Park and Museum 11 October – 22 November 2013
Jewish Museum, Sydney 4 March – 4 June 2014

More venues still to be confirmed

Available for interviews:

Mr Boyd Klap (Chairman of the Anne Frank Exhibition Australia)
Richard Kuipers (Founder of Two Men And A Truck)
Please see additional a5ached media release for Australian historical/contemporary angles and material on the Holocaust.

Media enquiries: Josephine Asher or call 1300 880 412 or 0420 301 377.

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