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Two Men And A Truck sponsors a different moving story: The Living History of Anne Frank

The Anne Frank Exhibition is coming to Australia, giving Australians the chance to experience, up close, the moving story of the teenager during The Holocaust.

The travelling exhibition, which has reached 55 countries, will begin its Australian tour in Melbourne on 4th February 2013.

Two Men And A Truck is a major sponsor of the Anne Frank Exhibition in Australia and will transport the exhibition between the various museums in Australia.

Chairman of the Anne Frank in Australia, Boyd Klap, recently held the exhibition in New Zealand and estimates 200,000 people, including 50,000 children, came to see it.

“It’s been incredibly successful. I thought it would only be there three or six months but it had four years. It’s been in 17 museums from the bottom of the south island to the top of the north island,” he said.

The exhibition has been greatly developed since it was in Australia nine years ago, and is aimed at children between 11 and 18. Participants can interact with features in the exhibition to learn about Anne Frank, the holocaust and World War II and see how this important history continues to shape the world today.

“I think the exhibition has a message for everybody,” Boyd said. “But to me the most important message is for young people, because we are now 70 years later and we don’t want the story to be forgotten.”

“Young people must know the importance of us treating each other right, of equality and human rights.”

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived in Holland during the Second World War. Anne and her family went into hiding to try to escape the Nazis.

While hiding in a secret annex in an office in the centre of Amsterdam, Anne Frank kept a diary. Tragically Anne was among the 6,000,000 Jews, including 1,500,000 children, who were killed at the hand of the Nazis.

But her diary has become a symbol of World War II history and literature, inspiring millions around the world. Their hiding place is now a museum and more than one million people visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam each year.

Watch the video about Boyd Klap and the Anne Frank Exhibition in Australia here:
Dates and locations for the exhibition thus far are below.
Melbourne: 4 February – 13 April 2013
Ballarat: 6 May – 11 August 2013
Sydney 7 March – 27 June.

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