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August Newsletter

Back in my old home Holland, my grandparents lived in a big house and they were always immaculately dressed. They would sit in the lounge with an old clock ticking on the mantle piece.

They looked old, they acted old but, in actual fact, they were only middle-aged.

For his 70th birthday, my grandfather was presented with one of the very first television sets in Holland. This was a huge event followed by regular events that took place at his place every night at 8pm where family, friends and neighbours would gather ‘round to watch the news. My how things have changed, hey?

But still, the clock kept on ticking…

Ya know guys – I love my work. I can’t think of anything worse than retiring. I don’t leave work until 7pm and I get here at 7am! But I just love it.

I’m fortunate to be a member of several associations and I get to go to regular functions and events and meetings.

I’ve got an opinion about all of this. Can I share it with you?

Guys, you’ve got to show your face. You’ve got to network. People have got to like you and they’ve got to trust you.

In my years in business that’s what I’ve learnt and I stick by it. It’s hard sometimes. Meetings upon meetings. But I make an effort because I know I’ve got to be involved. Everyone should be involved in what they’re doing.

Take flying – I play bridge with Bill every Friday then we go flying one morning a week so I get to keep my pilot’s license. It’s not a chore. It’s my passion. I love it!.

And do you know something else? I go to the gym 4 mornings a week. Some of the time I exercise while I’m there too… ?

As the saying goes – times flies when you’re having fun. Boy, I have a ball.

Speaking of time. You know my grandfather’s clock – it’s still ticking… in my lounge room.

OK now – back to the office!
This month it’s my great pleasure to introduce two new members to the office.

Drum roll please !

Tess – she is David’s daughter. After school she comes and helps with the office duties. Tess is a young girl with a bright future. She’s a gem! Thanks Tess.

Lowami has started on the front desk. She’s taking the bookings and she’s helping our precious customers. Great work Lowami… !!

Everyone… HATS OFF for Monika in Queensland !!

She has no time to relax. She’s updating training manuals and documents. She’s sorting out the day-to-day so that nothing goes astray.

Monika handles all the moves in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth and Monika will tell you – “It’s be impossible without my team of hard-working men who are always on time”
– you’re doing a great job guys.

Check out this month’s picture – Filippe and Bruno moving a small pot plant into a garden.

Wait, before we’re finished with friends and family… we’ve got to say CONGRATULATIONS to Alex and Lina for their beautiful baby girl, Chantelle.

Now… FOOTY!!

South Africa. Weren’t they brilliant hosts of the world football. All of our men with their international roots were glued to the TV watching every kick and every goal.

Did you know – in the late sixties, I worked in Jo’berg for a large Angle American hotel chain. This was back in the difficult days of apartheid and huge political turmoil.

The American activist Jesse Jackson came to stay. Upon his arrival, I was told to give him a piece of paper stating that he was now an honorary white person.

Now that’s something that wouldn’t happen today, thank goodness.

Imagine – an American Presidential candidate being told that he needed different coloured skin

OK, a little less political now… we have made some exciting changes to our website and if you haven’t already done so register your business on our new site

OK – time for some fun…

Here’s this and next month’s special activity designed to help some poor folks who are really in need.

When you call to make a booking and mention our special we’ll ask for your favorite number between 1 and 6 and then we’ll roll a dice.

If it’s a lucky 1, 3 or a 5 then we will donate enough money to World Vision to buy a chicken for a family in need.

If we get a 4 or a 6 then we’ll donate enough for a duck.

But if we get your special number then we’ll donate enough for a piglet.

We will donate to World Vision on your behalf because we think this is a great cause to support and we believe in helping people. Then our friends at World Vision will send you the thank you card.

Ooops… looks like the clock has stopped ticking. Maybe it needs some winding…

And look – it’s time for me to get moving!

Richard Kuipers

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