Moving Made Easy

How To Get A Quick Quote Over The Phone

An inventory list

Use our online calculator on a laptop to allow you to walk around the house and takean inventory. Alternatively, be sure to use a mobile or cordless landline when speaking to one of our staff so that you can wander throughout each room of the house and take notes on what is in each room. This will help us develop an inventory list without having to see the items in person.

A list of speciality items

Found yourself with a grandfather clock or piano? Perhaps you have a giant screen television or unusual piece of furniture? If you’ve got something fragile, heavy or awkward in shape, detail this to usover the phone or offer to send a photograph via email. We’ll also need to know if any items require dismantling, as this can add to the time it takes to move.

Details about your move

Some people will get through the entire inventory list, think they’re all good and hang up. Oops! We don’t know where you live or where you’re moving to, so that’s going to make moving day tricky. We need to know the addresses of your current and future homes, the type of property you have (house, apartment, office, warehouse, etc), if there are stairs or lifts, if there’s a driveway or designated parking spot available and how far they’ll be able to park from the front door (of your actual place, which is the door to your individual apartment in an apartment building). The more we know about your place, the better prepared we are on the day.

An idea of when you’d like to move

When would you like to move? Weekdays and weekends can be incredibly different experiences, especially if you live in an area with high weekend activity or peak hour traffic. We charge hourly rates so if we’re sitting in peak hour traffic, this will affect the price.

Any hazards or events that may cause delays

If you’re still waiting on settlement, cleaners or construction workers, this could slow down or prevent our team of removalists from completing the job. If there’s any risk any of these might not have been completed by the time we arrive, give us a heads up when you book to ensure we’re able to be flexible if something goes wrong on or before moving day.

Hazards around your home

Stairs, tight corners, narrow hallways and blind spots that may cause us to trip over – all of these are things we appreciate knowing about in advance so that we can brief the team. It’s also a good idea to go back over these hazards on the day, once the team has arrived, to improve our safety and care of your belongings.

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