Moving Made Easy

How To Unpack Successfully And Quickly

Pack as you plan to unpack

If you want to unpack certain items first, make sure they’re in their own designated box or at the top of the box, not the bottom. Also, make sure each box has items only from one room in it. The more items that get mixed up in boxes, the longer it will take you to unpack as you’ll waste time (and become bored) sorting through items, trying to work out what goes where.

Put boxes in the rooms they need to be unpacked into

If a box is in the room that its contents belong in, it will continue to get in the way until you unpack it. Hiding boxes in corners or cupboards does not get them unpacked any faster, so make them a hazard to force yourself to deal with it quickly. If it’s a box full of items that you haven’t yet found a home for, perhaps you need to reconsider where that box belongs?

Be proactive

If you say to yourself “oh I’ll do that later”, stop yourself and do it now. Later will never come so get stuck in and make the job quick. If you’re in a rush or have somewhere to be, just get as much of it done as you can, future you will appreciate coming home to less things to worry about when they see how excellent past you was as giving them a hand.

Make a plan

Have an ‘open first’ box, or set of boxes. This will include things like coffee, a kettle, mugs, sheets for your bed, pyjamas, toiletries and any other first night necessities. It’s highly unlikely you’ll want to unpack after moving all day, so make this box one full of the little things that you covet most after a long day, to ensure you’re refreshed and ready to unpack the next day. From there, make a list of the rooms you need to tackle first. The kitchen and bathroom should be the first two, then your bedrooms, any play areas and finally the living room.

Put away those gadgets!

Televisions, laptops, computers and tablets should be the very last items unpacked. If these are out and readily available, you will end up procrastinating in front of them. We’ve all said that we can unpack while enjoying our favourite shows, but it never quite works out that way – so focus on the task at hand and use your favourite programs or movies as a reward at the end of a hard day’s slog. Music is a far better motivator to help you unpack, so we recommend turning up the radio instead.

Do another clean out

Unpacking items that you JUST can’t find a home for and don’t care to make one for? You probably don’t care that much about these items and it might be time to say goodbye to them. Just because you did a clean out before your move, doesn’t mean there’s any shame in doing another post move. Turn a couple of the empty boxes into ‘Donate’ and ‘Chuck’ boxes and place items in them as you go.

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