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The Benefits Of Moving In Winter

People don’t house hunt in winter

While house hunting is a year round activity, it peaks in summer and at the start of the school year. That’s because people are looking to make plans for the year ahead and have a renewed energy to make their real estate dreams a reality.

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, it often pays to wait until that rush has cooled off, when the sun is setting earlierand most people want nothing more than to hibernate for the winter. While the savings are generally small, they can still be significant over a long period of time, especially if you’re renting.

People aren’t moving in winter

Less house hunters means less people moving. Winter is our quiet period, making it easier for you to get the moving day that you want, even if it’s last minute. Because we aren’t cramming in moves back to back, you’ll find that our stress levels are lower and you’ll get our full attention as we aren’t thinking about how much work we have to cram in. It’s also lenders quiet period, which can help the paperwork for your loan come through faster, speeding up the settlement process

There’s room to negotiate

The removalist company you choose to engage might be having a particularly slow period, making it possible to potentially negotiate added extras such as boxes or a packing team at a reduced rate. While some companies have flat rates, it’s completely acceptable to enquire about your options and what the company might be willing to throw in as a bonus for securing your business.

There are still lots of dry, warm days

Lucky us, living in this sunburnt country where even our winters are mild and filled with generally dry days (ok, lucky us living in the city, the farmers might feel a little differently). Unlike our friends in the northern hemisphere who have to worry about snow, we can move freely during most of winter and it’s even possible to move on a rainy day, if you prepare for it in advance.

No sweat!

While yes, it’s absolutely still possible to break a sweat in cold weather, it’s less likely to occur and you’re also less likely to suffer from sunburn, heat exhaustion or heat stroke – all of which can cost you extra days in bed. Moving up and down stairs with boxes will keep you warm though, which is exactly what you want in these cooler months.

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