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Moving Interstate: Tips for Making Your Interstate Move Smoother

Quarantine Restrictions

Before you pack any items to be moved interstate, take some time to check any quarantine restrictions that may exist. Some state regulations may restrict or prohibit you from transporting some plants, hay, honey, raw nuts, fruit and vegetables, soil and animals over the border.

Restrictions around plants, fruit and vegetables are particularly strict if you’re travelling to South Australia or Western Australia. Moving to Queensland may mean checking that any pets you have passed their quarantine laws. Queensland will allow domesticated dogs and cats into the state, but if you have pet rabbits, ferrets, or certain breeds of fish you may be restricted from bringing them with you. Queensland’s regulations may also require that you check with authorities regarding any livestock or native birds or wildlife you want to move with you.

Northern Territory’s quarantine restrictions are particularly strict on bringing certain animals into the state, including yabbies, snails, worms, carp, dingos, or cane toads. Northern Territory also has multiple restrictions surrounding introducing weeds or soil in any form from any other state, including any soil that may remain on used machinery or equipment.

The government’s quarantine website (Domestic Quarantine Restrictions) can be a good guide as to what items should be disposed of and what items can be packed for your move.

Packing for the Long Haul

Packing your personal possessions for an interstate move needs some careful consideration. The distances you’re covering will be much greater than if you were moving locally, so it’s important to ensure everything is packed securely to help minimise damage.

Use proper packing materials and pack items into boxes so any potential movement is limited. Remember to label each box with descriptions of the contents and the room it should go into at your destination. If any box contains fragile items, mark the box with ‘Fragile’ and make sure it’s stacked securely on top of other boxes or furnishings.

Be Flexible with Arrival Times

A trip interstate can involve numerous factors that could impact your transit times. Road closures or roadworks can slow down your progress. Inclement weather could hinder your plans considerably, especially in parts of the country where heavy rains or bushfires can cause roads to be closed at short notice.

If you’re travelling in a car to your destination and the removalist truck is following behind you, don’t expect them to arrive at exactly the same time. Trucks tend to travel more slowly than cars, especially through suburban areas. Truck drivers are also bound to follow log-book restrictions, so they may be forced to stop driving sooner than you might like.

There are also mechanical issues to consider. Trucks and cars do break down from time to time. If you’re halfway through a move interstate and you’re forced to wait for repairs in transit, it can extend your arrival time at your destination considerably.

Keep in Contact

While you’re in transit, always be sure you have your mobile phone is charged and near you at all times. Your removalists will need to stay in contact with you from time to time throughout the journey and to liaise with you as you get closer to your destination.

There are still parts of the country where mobile phone reception can be patchy at best. If you’re moving across the country, reception across the Hay Plains or the Nullarbor Desert and many parts of outback NT, QLD and SA can be non-existent through some stretches.

There are also some black spots that limit mobile phone reception in many regional towns. If your interstate move involves travelling across regions where your mobile phone becomes as useful as a brick, you could consider satellite phone just to keep you connected.

Moving interstate doesn’t just involve packing up everything you own and shifting it to a new home in a new state. It’s also important to plan ahead for connecting services and utilities at your destination. Redirect your mail so you don’t miss any important bills or correspondence.

Speak with your removalist company about any tips they can offer. Any advice they can offer that makes the move easier on you is always worthwhile. If you take the time to plan out your move well in advance, you can reduce stress levels and hopefully turn your interstate move into an adventure.

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