Moving Made Easy

Moving Your Family Interstate

Talk to your new job

If you’re moving for work, ask your new boss about relocation assistance to help you cover the costs of the move and resettlement. Big companies often offer it up front, but small to mid size companies may be able to offer you something – and even if it only covers a portion of your move, it might allow you to splurge on something like a packing team or a cleaner.

Go on a road trip

If time permits and you’ve got kids (and the distance isn’t too far), include a road trip as part of your move. Map a route between towns with interesting landmarks or gorgeous scenery and take a well-deserved holiday as a reward for getting a better job AND organising a massive interstate move. This will also make the move more exciting for your children, who might be anxious about starting at a new school.

Make an ‘Open First’ box

When you’ve just reached a brand new city, you hardly want to be digging through boxes wishing for clean underwear, a toothbrush and tea bags, so put all your most necessary items in a box and label it clearly as your ‘Open First’ box so that you’ve got fresh towels, sheets and even a book to read to help settle you in on your first night.

Don’t buy until you’ve settled in

Moving to a city you don’t necessarily know well means that you won’t know where you want to live the moment you arrive. Organise a rental in an area convenient to your office and good public transport and spend your weekends exploring all the nooks and crannies of your new city. Within six months, you’ll know exactly which suburbs you like best and which you should avoid. Now you’re ready to get into the property market.

Critically assess your furniture

Furniture is expensive to move, so weigh up the cost of what you paid for your furniture versus what it would cost you to replace it in your new home. Items like couches, fridges and beds are often big burden items that are easily bought for a reasonable price in your new home. List anything you’re not that attached to on Gumtree and put your earnings towards purchasing new furniture at the other end.

Reach out to friends

If you know anyone in the city you’re moving to, or your friends or family have connections there, reach out and make plans to catch up with them for coffee. Not everyone will say yes and not all of the people you connect with will end up your friends, but they may end up introducing you to other people and that’s where true friendships begin!

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