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Pre-Move: Prepping Your House For Sale

Create Space

We’ve written on here before about the importance of cleaning out your clutter, and when you’re looking to sell your house, it’s critical to get rid of any unnecessary stuff. Freeing up space will make your home look so much bigger. Keep in mind that people will be opening closets, so pare down what you have in cabinets, too. You want your home to look spacious and airy, which just can’t happen if you have every inch covered in junk.

Two Men and a Truck can take care of your rubbish removal for you, but we can also help you out if you are looking to simply store some things away during the sale. Moving house in Sydney and need to store bulky items that are taking up too much space? Our storage starts at just $9 a day! Talk to one of our professional removalists in Sydney today to find out more.

Scrub and Stage

Now that you’ve streamlined your belongings, you’re ready to make the house look as inviting as possible. Deep clean your entire house from ceiling fan to baseboard, taking extra care with the windows; you want to maximise the amount of light coming in, a strong selling point for homes. Also opt for light colours such as white and pale blues. Taking the time to put a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls can’t be overvalued. A weekend of elbow grease can land you a ton more money at closing.

Arrange your furniture and artwork in a way that is cosy and invites conversation. Instead of making your television the focal point of the living room, arrange seating around a coffee table. And as hard as it might be, tuck away family portraits or reduce the number you have displayed. Buyers like to imagine their family in the home, not the current residents.

Outside In

Now that the interior of your home is in good shape, it’s time to look at the outside. ‘Curb appeal’ is very important. The old cliché is a cliché for a reason: people judge books by their covers. Make a good first impression by making sure your house has fresh paint on any parts that can be painted, and that the siding looks good. Time to tackle any minor repairs, like fixing loose porch boards and broken gutters.

Take a second look at your landscaping, too. You’d be surprised how far some simple hanging plants by your front door can go to attracting potential buyers. Installing an attractive mailbox and ensuring your lawn is trimmed and green will have people lining up around the block to get a look at the inside!

Once your house is sold and you’re ready to move, call our Sydney removalists (or our removalists anywhere Australia) so we can help get you into your new home.

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