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What You Should Leave Behind When You Move

Flimsy Furniture

Unless it feels super sturdy, furniture you assemble yourself may not fare well during your move. Our professional interstate removalists are wary of transporting those pieces because they know that cheap flat pack furniture sometimes lacks the stability and sturdiness to survive long haul moves intact.

It’s not the bumpy ride on the truck we’re worried about, as we know how to tie down furniture so it doesn’t move a millimetre. It’s the danger that it will weaken as you move it around your new place. In addition, flimsy furniture is very difficult to take apart and reassemble, as it tends to be made of cheaper materials that fail over a fairly short amount of time and under ordinary stresses.

Before you bother moving that six foot tall bookcase, consider whether or not it feels sturdy enough to survive the move. You just might be better off buying a new one for 50 or 100 dollars in your new town.


Packing up and transporting food is a bad idea, period. Spills. Spoilage. Attracting critters. Need we go on? In some cases, there are strict regulations in place when transporting food across state lines or out of the country, too. It’s OK to bring your spices, but we recommend putting them in individually sealed plastic bags in addition to wrapping them securely in protective packaging materials. Most other food items really should be thrown out.

We know you hate to waste food because we sure do, so several months ahead of time, start going through your stash. Get creative with your pantry and see how much you can use up! It’s always a good idea to donate what’s left to friends or local food pantries. Believe us, dealing with a broken bottle of olive oil is enough to push almost anyone over the edge…you don’t want to turn your move into an obstacle course.

Packed Boxes from Your Last Move

Repeat after me: Reduce, simplify, repeat. We’ve already posted an article about the importance of sorting through your belongings to get rid of junk and rubbish, but then there are those things that for one reason or another never make it out of its drawer or box. Those items, no matter how useful they seem, really should be sold, donated or given away.

A good place to start simplifying is those boxes you never opened from your last move. Have you moved the same box of books to three apartments and never managed to unpack them? Then it’s time to give them away. Don’t get us wrong, Two Men and a Truck are happy to transport anything you want us to, but why not save yourself money and space by getting rid of things you aren’t using?

For your next move, keep in mind this list of items to leave behind. Let Two Men and a Truck, Melbourne’s top removalists, help you with those belongings you do need to pack and transport.

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