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Pre-Move: Steps in the Home Sale Process

Clean House

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’re going to once again recommend you clean out the clutter from your home. Since we’ve talked about this topic in great length, we won’t bore you again with why it’s so important to get rid of junk and organise your home. Just make sure this step gets done.

Review Your Finances

You know to look at the amount you still owe your lender, but don’t forget to assess the cost of various fees and charges you’ll get hit with when selling. Agent expenses and home search costs add up, and these expenses might affect decisions about the price of the new home you’re looking to buy. Stamp duty and registration costs, taxes and conveyancer’s fees can sneak up on you, too. Make sure to properly investigate all of this so you’re not hit with any surprises. When you’re ready to move, you should choose Two Men and a Truck for this very reason: we have no hidden fees, so you always know the total cost.

Find an Agent

This can sometimes be the hardest and lengthiest part of the process. You want to look for a professional and reliable agent, but it’s also important that you ‘click’ with them. Selling a home can be extremely trying and emotional, and you need to make sure you will feel comfortable going through those highs and lows with the agent you choose.

It’s always OK to ask for referrals from previous clients, and you should look into the agent’s history, too. That’s not to say you should avoid an agent that’s just starting out in the industry, but if you’re considering a less experienced agent, then ask about their knowledge of the market and neighbourhood to see if you feel confident in their skills.


This is the last step before actively listing your home. You need to have your house appraised so you can price it competitively. Feel free to ask multiple real estate professionals what they think, especially if you think the first estimate you hear is too high or too low. Remember that your appraisal will be based on the local market, not on the actual value of the construction itself. Sometimes it can be difficult to accept a low number because your emotional connection to the house makes it more valuable to you, but remember that an agent is on your side. You both share the same goal of landing a Sold! sign in the front yard, so be open minded and listen to the professionals.

Stay tuned for part II, which will cover the steps from advertising to settlement! In the meantime, start looking into Two Men and a Truck, the best removalists in Australia.

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