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Should You Move on a Weekend or a Weekday?

Case Study 1: Weekend Moves

Weekend moves are definitely more convenient for most people. However, it is also an incredibly busy time to move. If you are planning to move on the weekend, make sure that you book your move far in advance. Things to consider when moving during the weekend include: 

Higher rates: Some removalists may charge higher rates during the weekend. 
Utilities: Make sure that your utilities will be connected before moving day (during the week), so you can have electricity, gas, internet and water as soon as you move in.
More traffic: On the weekends, there are more people driving and travelling about, so there may be more traffic on the roads and people in the neighbourhood

Case Study 2: Weekday Moves

Moving on a weekday means that you will have to take a day or days off work. Removalists are generally less busy during the week, so they can be more flexible with dates and times. 

Things to consider when moving on a weekday include: 

Cheaper rates:
As a removalist company will be less busy during the week, they may be able to offer you cheaper rates.
Peak hour traffic: Getting stuck in peak hour traffic can be a huge pain, so make sure you book your move early in the morning to avoid any morning or afternoon peak hour traffic.
Quieter streets: As most people will be at work or school, the streets will be quieter.
Service providers: You have the added advantage of being able to contact service and utility companies if you’re having trouble with your water, electricity, gas or internet connection.

Weekend or Weekday Move?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a moving day. Consider all your options, your schedule and the removalist’s availability before making a final decision.

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