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Should You Wait to Move During School Holidays?

Book In Advance

As moving to a new home during school holidays is so popular with many families, all of the reliable, professional removal companies tend to book up very quickly. If you can’t work around moving at any other time, remember to book your removal company well in advance.

Ideally, you’ll need to book your removalists at least six to eight weeks before the move to ensure you get the day you want. If you can’t finalize the date until closer to the time, chances are you’ll miss out on securing the movers you wanted.

Choose a Quieter Day

If you’re like many other families, not only will you want to move during the holidays, but you’re likely to have a preference for moving on a Friday. Shifting house right before the weekend minimises the amount of time you’ll need to take off work. You also have the entire weekend to think about unpacking and settling in before starting back at work the following Monday.

However, Fridays and Saturdays are among the busiest times for removalists. Add the extra demand during school holidays and it’s likely the best removal companies will be already booked by other families with the same idea.

By choosing a quieter day during the week, such as a Monday or Tuesday, you have a better chance of securing the company you want to help with your move. You may even find that discounted rates could apply for booking on less popular days of the week, so you’ll save a few dollars too.

Work around the Holidays

The week before the school holidays could end up being an unexpectedly convenient time to plan your next house move. After all, many employers are inundated with leave requests from other staff members wanting to take time off to spend with kids at the same time. If you book some time off work before everyone else is trying to secure annual leave, you’re more likely to get the time slot approved.

Kids are also more likely to have some extra time available in the week before school holidays. Any exams or excursions they had during term would have finished, so the final week is often spent with fill-in activities anyway. Besides, the removal company you hire will be more likely to be free on the day you want.

Choosing the right time to move house isn’t always a matter of personal choice. There are times when you’re forced to move around other people’s schedules, such as the end of a tenancy lease or settlement day for the purchase of a new home.

The key to making your next house move as stress-free as possible is to consider all your options. Discuss various alternatives with your removalist company and see what days they recommend to suit your circumstances.

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