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What to Do When Waiting on Settlement

Australian property sale settlements have almost doubled over the last 4 years, according to new information from data research firm, PEXA.

Delayed Settlement Problems

Unfortunately, there are times when settlement can be delayed. For example, when you’ve sold your old home to purchase your new home, it can be difficult to coordinate a simultaneous settlement for the two sales. 

Book Your Move for the Next Day

While you may want to move into your property the first thing in the morning after settlement, chances are that you won’t even receive your keys until late morning or early afternoon. 

It is best to book your move for the day after settlement, which gives you the benefit of having the whole day to complete the move.

Moving into a Newly-Built Home

Booking a moving date can be tricky when you’re waiting for a builder to complete the construction of your new home. 

It can be tempting to book your moving day for the day of or the day after your handover date, but it’s best to be cautious and book it for at least several days after to ensure that everything is okay with the home and that your final payment has been approved.

Moving Into An Off-the-Plan Apartment

We recommend that you don’t plan your moving day around the completion date of an off-the-plan apartment, as developers often give estimated completion dates that often get extended due to problems with tradespeople and building supplies. 

We suggest that you wait until you have a walk-through before booking your moving day. 

Temporary Storage and Accommodation

Most removalist companies will accommodate an afternoon move if your settlement is delayed for a few hours. However, if your settlement is delayed by a few days, you may have to move out of your old home before you’re ready to move into your new one. 

If you find yourself in this tricky situation, you will need to consider using temporary storage solutions and short-term accommodation. At Two Men and a Truck, we offer affordable storage solutions. We can deliver a storage container to you so you can pack your belongings and then transport that container to a secure storage location until you are ready to move.

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