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Two Men And A Truck helps MS patients to get moving

Two Men And A Truck gets a kick out of helping the community, so when we received a request to help transport some donated exercise equipment for MS Australia, we were happy to help out.

Hazel McNamara from Body Sense Solutions, a fitness, weight loss and body treatment service in Gordon, was on the search for somewhere to donate some specialised exercise equipment that her business no longer needed.

When MS Australia confirmed the equipment could help benefit their patients with multiple sclerosis, Hazel’s next challenge was a logistical one – how to transport her donated equipment to its new recipients.

“I had used Two Men And A Truck before so I sent an email, not knowing what kind of response I would receive,” she said.

Less than an hour later, she received a response from Two Men And A Truck’s Chief Operations Officer Catherine Gambrellis, who confirmed the company would donate three men and a 14-ton truck to start the generous donation rolling to MS Australia’s premises in Lidcombe.

“Two Men and a Truck had no hesitation is helping us move specialised exercise equipment that we were donating to MS Australia,” Hazel said.

“The guys worked very hard all day, took great care with our equipment and helped reassemble everything once we got there.”

The equipment, which Body Sense Solutions purchased from the UK for around $80,000, includes seven beds and three chairs that patients with MS can use for rehabilitation, muscle conditioning and low impact exercise.

Research has suggested that exercise can help people with more severe MS to stay as mobile and active as possible and help manage their MS symptoms, such as fatigue, muscle stiffness, balance difficulties and depression.

MS Australia confirmed to Two Men And A Truck this week, that they are preparing an exercise program incorporating the beds – which will start early in 2013.

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